People Beadie Critter Patterns

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Adult Baby Britney Spears
Dian's Angela Series (5 patterns) Ballerina 2 Boy
Boy Scout Sarah's Cartoon Dollz--19 dolls in various outfits Cheerleader
Clarinet Player Clown Clown 2
Cowboy Fairy Flower Girl
Girl Girl 2 Girl 4
Girl in Bathing Suit Girl in Prom Dress &
Boy in Tux
Girl in Shorts
Girl Scout (see Girl Scout Pins on the Keychains & Misc. page) Gymnast Tiny Gymnast
Boy Gymnast Ice Skater Ice Skater 2
Irish Dancer Medieval Girl Mermaid
Princess Princess Diana Revolutionary Girl
Revolutionary Lady Royal Palace Guard Smiley Guy
Spice Girls:
Baby Spice
Posh Spice
Scary Spice
Tommy Girl Valerie (Original and at the Beach)

Doll Series--the same doll with clothing for different occasions

Sarah's Jordan Series    
Original Jordan at the BBQ at the Birthday Party
at the Carnival at Church at Family Pictures
at the Mall at the Olympics at the Ice Skating Rink
at the Prom at the Swimming Pool Bead Lover Jordan
Happy New Year Jordan in the Fall in the Winter
on a Date on the Last Day of School on Valentine's Day
the Cheerleader Volleyball Jordan  

Christy's New  Series-- Babies Jonathan and Kayla  
Baby Jonathan Baby Jonathan Holding a Soother (Pacifier) Baby Jonathan with Bottle
Baby Jonathan with Hair Baby Jonathan with Soother Baby Kayla
Baby Kayla with Hair Baby Kayla in a Bonnet Baby Kayla with Soother
Sad Baby Kayla    

Christy's Bob Series    
#1 Bob Wearing Street Clothes #2 Bob the Train Engineer #3 Chef Bob
#4 Doctor Bob #5 Bob the Graduate #6 Police Officer Bob
#7 Painter Bob #8 Hockey Referee Bob #9 Bob Playing Hockey for Team Canada
#10 Lumberjack Bob #11 Astronaut Bob #12 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer Bob
#13 Mailman Bob #14 Construction Worker Bob #15 Birthday Party Bob
#16 Winter Bob #17 Spring Bob #18 Summer Bob
#19 Bob Playing Hockey for the Toronto Maple Leaves #20 Baseball Bob #21 Football Bob
#22 Farmer Bob #23 Surfer Bob #24 Skier Bob
#25 Soccer Bob #26 Scuba Diver Bob #27 Business Executive Bob
#28 Astronaut Bob in a Partially Pressurized Launch/Re-entry Suit #29 Santa Bob #30 Clown Bob
#31 News Reporter Bob #32 Ice Cream Man Bob #33 Elderly Bob
#34 Bob Going Tobogganing #35 Biker Bob #36 Jailbird Bob
#37 Athletic Bob #38 Spy Bob #39 Detective Bob
#40 Bob the Mechanic #41 Bob the Chemist #42 Cowboy Bob

Jessi's Crystal Series    
Original Crystal Basketball Crystal Crystal at the BBQ
Crystal at the Beach Crystal as Cinderella Crystal at Easter
Crystal at Family Pictures Gymnast Crystal Hippie Crystal
Crystal at the Mall Rainbow Crystal Crystal at School
Crystal at a Slumber Party Crystal as Sailor Moon Crystal as Sailor Mercury
Crystal in T-shirt and Shorts Crystal in Winter  

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