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I have un-linked my e-mail addresses due to the tons of spam mail I am receiving. Use your favorite e-mail program and put the addresses together into one word in order to e-mail me.

If you want to submit a pattern...see the How to Design and Submit a Pattern page for some basic information on designing and drawing patterns, and then e-mail your completed pattern to submit @ beadiecritters . com

If you want to make a request for a new pattern design...first, make sure you've searched my site and my database (which lists every pattern I've been able to find in books and on other websites as well as on my website). If the pattern you're looking for doesn't exist, then send your request to requests @ beadiecritters . com.

If you have another question or comment, send a message to meadclan @ frontier . com. You can also submit comments to my message board, and feel free to ask questions on my message board if you want answers from others as well as me.