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Main Research Lines: Crabill, Hottel, Monger,
Hisey, Yow, Briggs, Osborne, Melton

I have redone my genealogy pages.
There are now several descendants charts.
Each set of Descendants has a surnames list
that lists all the surnames that appear
on that set. Sets will overlap names in many cases.

Descendants of Hannes Crebil Descendants of Hans Yow
Descendants of Johannes Hottel Descendants of Matthew Osborne
Descendants of Ulrich Stauffer Descendants of Norman Melton
Descendants of William Monger Briggs Family
Descendants of Christian Hisey Hodgin Family

Pedigree Charts (more coming soon)

Notes & Sources (coming soon)

Links to Others Researching These Names

World Wide Krahenbuhl Family Shenandoah Co. GenWeb
(has Hottles)
Milton/Melton Pot Northern Shenandoah Co.
History and Genealogy Info
The Melton History  
  Osborne Origins
Clarice Snyder's Hottle Ancestors Mt. View Research
a wonderful resource.
Cemeteries, obituaries, pictures,
marriages, etc., for Shenandoah,
Page, and Rappahanock

Family Forums--Discussion Boards for Specific Surnames

Briggs Family Forum Monger Family Forum
Graybill Family Forum Osborne Family Forum
Hisey Family Forum Stauffer Family Forum
Hottel Family Forum Yow Family Forum
Melton Family Forum  

Links to My Favorite Genealogy Sites --the LDS Family History Center site where you can look up names in their database of millions of names.  
Cyndi's Genealogy List
--a comprehensive list of genealogy links.
Family Tree Maker--
a genealogy program, but they have a searchable database with info that their program users have submitted.
Online Genealogical Database Index
--a collection of links to searchable
genealogy pages.
--another membership service, but very affordable. You have to send them a GEDCOM file as part of your membership.
--here you can join a mailing list
for the surnames you are researching.
The Surname Web
--search for your surnames here.
--a subscription database but there is a lot of info available for free.
Genealogy Home Page
--a select list of resources.

I haven't had a lot of time for research recently, but I have decided to put what I do have up on the web for those who might be interested.

If you have any additional info about anyone who appears in these pages, please e-mail it to me! I will try to update my pages as I receive new information.

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