Binder Cover Instructions

We use the binders that have a pocket on the front that you can put a page inside (view binders). So we decided to make cute covers this year. I used the same graphics as I used for the Door Signs (see the page with CTR and Valiant graphics in different colors), only bigger. At the top I listed the class name, Springville Ward Primary, and the room number. I didn't list the name of the teacher because that way I don't have to print up a new cover if we have to replace a teacher or something. Below that, the graphic for the appropriate class level (Sunbeam, CTR or Valiant). And below that, a nice quote that I found from Ezra Taft Benson:

"What did the Master spend his life doing? He was just a teacher, teaching human souls, inspiring them to live righteously. There is no higher calling than that. Whether it be done in the mission field or here at home with a group in a Primary class, they are all eternal souls that we work with." (So Shall Ye Reap, pp. 31-32). That's all there is to it!