Door Sign Instructions

We are using these door signs to let the children know where their classrooms are on the first Sunday in Jan. They will probably get used after that as well, because we like to have them on the doors in case there is a sub or a new child.

There are three different samples of signs. One for Sunbeams, one for CTR and one for Valiants. I've also included a page with CTR and Valiant graphics in different colors. You can copy the sample signs onto your harddrive and work in your graphics program to use the different colored symbols on the sample signs.

Under the symbol on each sign, I put the name of the class (i.e. Sunbeam A, CTR 8, etc.), the room number, and the teacher. Beside the symbol, I put the list of children in the class. I laminated the signs so they would last. Pretty simple.

In addition to putting these on the doors for the first Sunday, we are also putting one on the end of each row so they will know which row to sit in for Sharing Time.