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Angel Moroni
designed by Margo Mead

The Angel Moroni is a symbol of the LDS Church, commonly found on the top spire of LDS Temples. For more info on the LDS Church, see my homepage.


Level: Medium-Advanced

3 yards clear plastic lacing, divided into a 2-and-1/2-yard piece and a 1/2-yard piece
1 lanyard hook or keyring
118 gold glitter mini pony beads (4x7mm)
36 pearl white mini pony beads (4x7mm)

Special Instructions:
Complete Angel as shown. See instructions on picture to add trumpet.

*Note: the materials listed above are the recommended materials. You could also use wire with the mini pony beads. If you choose to use regular pony beads (6x9mm), the trumpet will need to be "stiffened" by weaving a pipe cleaner through it.

*Note: One picture I found of the Angel Moroni, while doing my research in preparing to make this pattern, showed the round ball that he stands on as white. That is why I chose to make it pearl white in my pattern. It helps differentiate it from the body of the Angel and makes it more obvious what it is. You can make the ball with gold glitter beads if you want.