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Russian Babushka Doll
designed by Lyn Forsyth of Scotland

Level: Beginner

3 yds. cord of choice
1 lanyard hook or keyring
55 ivory pony beads
25 red pony beads
20 yellow pony beads
7 pink pony beads
6 green pony beads
5 black pony beads
4 purple pony beads
4 strawberry pink pony beads

Note: The sample was made with 2 yards of clear plastic lacing and mini pony beads (4x7mm).

Note: This is supposed to look like those little Russian dolls that nest inside each other. It was designed by someone on a list I was on, called WAGGGS-L, which is for Girl Scout and Girl Guide leaders. Unfortunately I lost the e-mail with her name, although I recently came across a drawing I had printed out of this pattern.