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Flower Bracelet
designed by Candy Grein of Ginger Junction
This project was the Ginger Junction Project of the Month for the month of June 1998.

Level: Beginner

flower braceletMaterials:
1 12 yards 2mm AMY Macrame Cord
32 pony beads as follows:
Each flower has 6 beads of the same color.
Each flower has 1 bead for the center--different color
There are four flowers in the bracelet--28 beads.
Three beads are used for spacers and one bead is used for closure.
Total of 32 beads.

1. Fold the cord in half and tie an overhand knot close to the fold. Put one pony bead on the two cords--this will be the closure bead. (Note: this is not shown in the illustration at left.) Tie a second overhand knot 2 inches from the first overhand knot. Make one flower.
2. To make a flower, thread the left cord through beads from left to right, then thread the right cord through the same beads from right to left. See diagram:
1st row: 2 beads same color
2nd row: 3 beads (center bead different color)
3rd row: 2 beads same color
3. Thread both cords through spacer bead, as in the diagram.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times for second and third flower. Repeat step 2 for fourth flower. Do not add a spacer bead after fourth flower--instead, tie an overhand knot at end of fourth flower.
5. Thread both cords through the closure bead in opposite direction from cords that are already through the bead. (Closure bead is the first bead you put on the cords.) Tie an overhand knot approx. 2 inches away from bead. Cut and heat-seal cord ends.
Note: The 2-inch space on each side of closure bead allows you to open up the bracelet, making it easy to slip on your arm. Pull both ends of cord to tighten bracelet.