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Buzz Lightyear
designed by Margo Mead

Level: Advanced
For help with Buzz's legs, see the Illustrated Penguin Directions

4 yards ribbon or cord
87 white pony beads
31 clear pony beads (represented by lighter grey color on Buzz's helmet)
21 purple pony beads
16 ivory pony beads
37 lime green pony beads
4 grey pony beads
2 red pony beads
1 green pony bead
1 blue pony bead
6 black pony beads

Special Instructions:
This is a very wide design and will need reinforcing to avoid gapping. To reinforce, take a small piece of ribbon or cord (about 12 inches) and insert into the center 2 beads of the black row. Run string through beads in the usual manner, going through center 3 beads in row above black, center 2 in the next row, center 3 beads in the next rows all the way up to top of head. Tie in square knot at top.