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CTR Keyring
designed by Margo Mead

CTR stands for "Choose the Right." It is a common theme in Primary, which is the children's organization of the LDS Church. For more info on the LDS Church, see my homepage.

Level: Beginner

4 yards cord of choice
1 lanyard hook or keyring
284 white or silver glitter pony beads
49 pink pony beads
46 red pony beads
50 yellow pony beads
38 orange pony beads
83 light blue pony beads
50 royal blue pony beads

Special Instructions:
This pattern should actually be turned on its side so that you work it 15 beads wide.

I made mine with wee pony beads (4X7mm) and plastic lacing and it came out very nicely without needing reinforcing. Otherwise it is a very wide pattern and may need reinforcing. For instructions on how to do this, see the Buzz Lightyear pattern. You will also need more than 4 yards of cord if you use regular size pony beads.