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Gingerbread Man

designed by Margo Mead

Level: Advanced

For help with the legs, see the Illustrated Penguin Directions

Click here for a downloadable and printable PDF!



Special Instructions:
Try using horizontal-hole heart beads (if you can find them) for the buttons on the tummy for a nice effect.

You will need to reinforce this beadie critter or it will fall apart when you pick it up! Do this by going through the body rows again, then coming through the 7 middle beads of each arm row, then continuing through the rows of the head, and tie the knot at the top of the head.

If you are using ribbon for stringing beadie critters, try using a little glue or fray-check at the end of the ribbon to help get the ribbon through the rows the second time. Even with that you may still have some trouble and have to take the string through 1 bead at a time.