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Indian Headdress Decoration
submitted by Margo Mead

Level: Medium

picture coming soon

Heavy wire, 24 gauge or heavier
15 safety pins, 2 1/4 inches long
15 6mm round beads, black
15 4x6mm rondelle beads, translucent blue (these look like very small flying saucers)
31 4x6mm rondelle beads, translucent green
15 8mm faceted beads, translucent blue
15 19mm oval beads, translucent green
14 6x9mm pony beads, black

Note: Colors are merely suggestions--make yours in your favorite colors!

Thread the beads onto the safety pin as shown. When all safety pins are threaded, follow the second diagram to thread wire through safety pins and beads. Pull wire tight. Curl ends of wire to prevent the safety pins or beads from slipping off (use pliers if needed). Curve both ends to resemble an Indian headdress. If desired, you can add feathers dangling down from the "front" of the headdress (the narrower end). Add another piece of wire or a leather cord in the middle of the "back" of the headress (the wider end) to hang the headdress from your rearview mirror or wherever.

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(I didn't really design this, I just wrote down the pattern from an Indian Headdress Ornament we found at a lodge our Girl Scout Troop was camping at. I have gotten several requests for this item, so finally it is here!)