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3-D Latching Pokeball
designed by Anonymous
(based largely on Margo Mead's 3D Smiley face) 

Level: Advanced

6 pieces of cord, each 3 feet long 
62 white pony beads 
60 red pony beads 
29 black pony beads 
2 small pieces of magnet for latch 

Special Instructions: Do part A following the directions for the smiley face; cut excess cord after the black rows. 

To do part B, start by feeding the remaining 3 strands of cord through a white bead and center them. Build part B around that bead, and cut off the excess. 

Connect the two by feeding a small piece of cord through the last row of ONE side of Part B, then thread through the row of Part A marked by the star. 

Put a small piece of magnet on the white bead of Part A, and another on Part B right under it.