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contributed by Bridget Lilteich

Level: Medium

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snailpic snail



  1. Apply glue to each end of the cord and twist to form a point; let dry. Fold the cord in half. Thread the folded cord end through the eye of the lanyard. Thread ends through the loop and pull tight.
  2. To string the beads, refer to the pattern. While stringing, pull cords tight to nest the beads together.
  3. String one B bead onto one cord end; thread the other cord end through the same bead in the opposite direction. Continue, following the pattern to complete five more rows.
  4. To create the shell, string four S beads onto one cord end. Thread the other cord end through the same beads in the opposite direction. Note: Shell beads (color S) can be multiple colors if desired. Repeat with three B beads, then pull cords tightly, one at a time, until the four S beads in the previous row form an arc over the body.
    Follow the pattern to continue stringing the shell, alternating the shell and body colors as indicated.
  5. To finish, string the four flat rows as indicated for the head, finishing with the two E beads for the eyes. Tie an overhand knot in each of the cords. Apply glue to the knot. Trim the cord 1 inch from the knot.