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Shooting Star
designed by Stacia, age 9, Westmont IL

Level: Advanced
Follow instructions and stringpath carefully.

keychain or lanyard hook
2 yards craft yarn, plastic lacing, or ribbon
21 white pony beads
6 red pony beads
5 orange pony beads
4 yellow pony beads
3 green pony beads
2 blue pony beads
1 purple pony bead

1. Fold cord in half and attach to keyring or lanyard hook with lark's head knot.
2. Stiffen each end with nail polish to prevent fraying of craft yarn or ribbon.
3. Weave the beads following the diagram.
4. On the third row, bead all 7 beads. When you bring the cords out of the last 2 end beads, pass the cord around the two end beads and bead the middle 5 beads again.
5. Continue beading.
6. When you get to the 6th row, go back up through #2 and #4 beads. Come out through bead #3 and tie a double knot.
7. After you tie a knot, take both strings back through the right bead in row 6. Divide the two strings and start beading with a red bead, following the diagram for the shooting star rainbow trail. Bead up for the shooting down effect.
8. On the last row of the rainbow trail, come out of the last red and purple bead. Take the right side back through the orange and yellow beads, and take the left side back through the blue and green beads. Bring both strings out through the green and yellow beads and tie a tight double knot.