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Wizard of Oz Characters
designed by Margo Mead

Level: Beginner-Medium

Note: To make this whole set, you need the Tin Man and Witch patterns from, and the Miniature Scottish Terrier pattern from the Animals category of this site. All patterns were made using mini pony beads and wire. You could also use clear plastic lacing with the mini pony beads.

Click on the small picture to see a bigger picture.

1 1/2 yards wire
29 ivory pony beads
23 blue pony beads

19 white pony beads
17 brown pony beads
4 red pony beads (or red glitter)
2 black pony beads

33 brown or tan pony beads

Special Instructions: After completing Dorothy, do the basket, then wire the basket to Dorothy's hand with the end of the wire from the basket. The, make the Miniature Scottish Terrier (see link above), and wire the dog into the basket.

1 1/2 yards ribbon or cord
2 black pony beads
76 tan pony beads
13 brown pony beads
1 1/2 yards wire
13 black pony beads
12 ivory pony beads
8 yellow pony beads
32 forest green pony beads
4 white pony beads

18 brown pony beads
Glenda the Good Witch
1 1/2 yards wire
21 gold glitter pony beads (indicated by yellow on diagram)
19 ivory pony beads
2 black pony beads
93 pink perle pony beads