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Xylophone & Sticks
designed by Vicki Davidson, NC

Level: Beginner

bartMaterials for Xylophone:
1 lanyard hook or keyring
2 yards of cord
131 white mini pony beads
74 gray mini pony beads
24 mini purple pony beads
22 mini blue pony beads
20 mini dark green pony beads
18 mini light grean pony beads
16 mini yellow pony beads
14 mini orange pony beads
12 mini red pony beads
10 mini pink pony beads

*Another idea: use the glitter beads or the silver beads instead of the colored beads to make it look like a real xylophone.

Special Note:
This is a wide pattern and will probably need reinforcing. For instructions on how to do this, see the Buzz Lightyear directions.


Materials for Two Sticks:
50 mini black pony beads
14 mini blue pony beads

Special Instructions:
Attach the two sticks to the xylophone with a ribbon to keep it together as a set.