Animal Beadie Critter Patterns

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Andy the Black Cat Cat Cat Head
Pom-Pom the Tiger Cat Qi-gong the Siamese Cat Siamese Cat Head
Tonkinese and Mixed-breed Cats    


Bijou the Poodle Black Labrador Brownie Dog
Cocoa the Beagle Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel with Bandana
Daisy Dog and Accessories Dalmation Dalmation 2
Dog Doodles the Denim Dog Fenway the Dachshund
Ferguson the Border Collie Ginger the Scottish Terrier Hound Dog
Mini Scottish Terrier Pickles the Green Dog Peter the Springer Spaniel
Poodle Sissy the Boston Terrier Sparky the Fire Dog
St. Bernard for more Dogs, see the Cartoon Characters Category  


Alligator Alligator 2 Alligator 3
Ally the Alligator Baby Lizard Baby Lizard 2
Baby Sea Turtle Baby Snake Cobra
Coral Snake Crocodile Crocodile 2
Diamond Back Snake* Gecko and all its varieties--Christmas, Easter, Halloween, USA, Pittsburgh Steelers, Orange, Glamorous Gold, Stained Glass, and more! Gila Monsters--Spotted and Striped
Lizard Mr. and Mrs. Slithersworth the Snakes Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake 2 Rattlesnake 3 Snake
Snake 2 NEW! Snake 3 Turtle
Turtle 2 Turtle 3 Turtle 4
Turtle 5 Two-Headed Lizard  


Baby Dino Dinosaur Dinosaur 2


Sea Life    
Crab Dolphin Fish
Fish 2 (Flounder) Fish 3 NEW! Fish 4
Fishbowl Goldfish Jellyfish
Jellyfish 2 Lobster Octopus
Orca Keiko the Orca Orca 3
3-D Seahorse Tie Dye Fish Tropical Fish
Walrus For more fish, see the Cartoon Characters Category  


Itty Beadie Ant Itty Beadie Bee Bug
Bug 2 Bumblebee Bumblebee 2
Butterfly Caterpillar Caterpillar 2
Centipede Centipede 2 Cricket
Dragonfly Dragonfly 2 Dragonfly 3
Dragonfly 4 Firefly Inchworm
Ladybug--Itty Beadie Ladybugs NEW! Ladybug, Medium
Mosquito Red Ant Snail
Spider Spider 2 Spider 3
Spider 4    


3 Birds Baby Chick NEW! Barn Owl Chick
Cheep the Baby Chick (in Egg) Cockatiel NEW! Cockatiel 2
Crow Dove Duck
Duck 2 Duck, Skinny Eagle
Flamingo Jayhawk Mallard Duck
Ostrich Owl Parrot
NEW! Peacock Penguin NEW! Rockin' Robin
Toucan Turkey  


Bunny Bunny 2 Bunny 3
Bunny Head Bunny Head 2 Bunny Face
Magic Rabbit in Hat Magic Rabbit in Hat 2  


Carousel Horse Colt Horse
Horse 2 Horse Head Pony
Unicorn Zebra  


Bear with Heart Bear with Heart 2 Bear with Heart 3
Betty Teddy, M.D. Black Bear Cowboy Bear Head
Holiday Bear Head Series (Santa, St. Pat's, Easter, July 4th, and Graduate) Koala Koala 2
Miss Teacher Bear Mr. Teacher Bear Nurse Bear
Panda Polar Bear Princess Di Bear
Teddy Bear Tie Dye Bear Tie Dye Bear Head
Valentino Bear    


Bat Beaver Beaver 2
Beaver 3 Chinchilla Chipmunk
Ermine Ferret Ferret 2
Gerbil Guinea Pig Mouse
Mouse 2 Mouse 3 Mouse 4
Rat Rodent Squirrel
Weasel White Mouse  


Other Animals    
Buffalo Cow Cow 2
Deer Elephant Elephant 2
Elephant 3 Fox Frog
NEW! Tree Frog Giraffe Hedgehog
Lamb Lamb 2 Leo Lion
Monkey Moose Moose 2
Pig Platypus Raccoon
Silver Glitter Fox Skunk Skunk 2
Taurus, the Bull Tiger NEW! White Tiger

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