Toy, Cartoon, Book or TV Character Beadie Critter Patterns

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Disney's 101 Dalmatians  
Cruella De Vil Perdita Pongo
Disney's Aladdin    
Abu & Lamp Aladdin Jasmine
Genie Jafar the Sultan
Disney's Beauty and the Beast  
Beast Belle Cogsworth
Mrs. Potts and Chip Lumiere  
Disney/Pixar A Bug's Life  
Atta Dot Flik
Disney Fab 4    
Goofy Mickey Mouse Mickey as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Minnie Mouse Pluto  
Disney's Duck Tales    
Daisy Duck Donald Duck Donald Duck 2
Huey, Dewey and Louie Scrooge McDuck Webbie Duck
Disney's Doug    
BeeBee Doug Patti
Porkchop Skeeter  
Disney's Frozen    
Anna in Everyday Dress Anna in Coronation Dress Elsa in Ice Queen Dress
Elsa in Coronation Dress Hans Kristoff
Olaf Sven  
Disney's The Little Mermaid  
Ariel Ariel 2 Flounder
King Triton    
Disney's Peter Pan    
Captain Hook Peter Pan Tinkerbell 1
Tinkerbell 2 Tinkerbell 3  
Disney's Pinocchio    
Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket  
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean  
Angelica Barbossa Davy Jones
Elizabeth Swann Jack Sparrow Will Turner
Disney's Recess    
Gretchen Spinelli Vince
Disney's Snow White    
Bashful Doc Dopey
Grumpy Happy Sleepy
Sneezy Mini Snow White Wicked Queen
Disney's Tangled    
Flynn/Eugene Mother Gothel Rapunzel
Disney/Pixar's Toy Story  
Buzz Jessie Mr. Potato Head
Woody Woody 2  
Disney's Winnie the Pooh  
Piglet Piglet 2 Roo
Tigger Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh 2
Disney Miscellaneous    
Alice in Wonderland The Brave Little Toaster Flubber
Lady from Lady and the Tramp Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas Jane from Tarzan
Willie Wonka    


Blue's Clues    
Blue (face) Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika Too Paprika and her rattle
Slippery Soap    
Angelica Chuckie Kimi
Spike Spike 2 Tommy
Miscellaneous Nickelodeon    
CatDog Stimpy Spongebob Squarepants


Looney Tunes    
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny 2 Daffy Duck
Elmer Fudd Marvin the Martian Porky Pig
Road Runner Sylvester Cat Taz
Wile E. Coyote    
Plain Tweety Tweety Tweety 2
Tweety 3 Tweety Head Tiny Tweety
Easter Tweety Graduate Tweety Leprechaun Tweety
Party Hat Tweety Pilgrim Tweety Santa Tweety
Top Hat Tweety Uncle Sam Tweety Valentine Tweety
Witch Tweety    
Tiny Toon Adventures    
Babs Bunny Buster Bunny Lola Bunny

Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls    
Blossom Bubbles Buttercup
Miscellaneous Cartoon Network    
Johnny Bravo    


Video Games    
Ape Escape(Playstation Game) Crash Bandicoot (Playstation Game) Crash Bandicoot's Head
Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku Crash Bandicoot Dr. Neo Cortex Crash Bandicoot Uka Uka
Crash Bandicoot Wompa Fruit Crash Team Racing Keychain(Playstation Game) Pacman
Pacman Ghosts (2) Fairies (3) from Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon


Annie (in several outfits--4 patterns) Sandy  


Big Comfy Couch    
Molly Molly 2 Major Bedhead
  see Evelyn's Beadie Page for Loonette and another Molly  


Curious George    
Curious George Man in the Yellow Hat  


Dr. Seuss    
1 Fish-2 Fish-Red Fish-Blue Fish-Keychain Horton Lorax
Sam I Am Thing 1 and Thing 2  


Doctor Who    
Dalek Sonic Screwdriver Tardis


Furby Furby 2 Furby 3


Garfield and Friends    
Garfield Odie Odie 2


Gumby & Pokey    
Gumby Pokey  


Harry Potter    
Harry Potter Riding a Broom Harry Potter in the Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter in the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter in the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry's broom Harry's wand
Hermione Ron Weasley Fred and George Weasley
Mrs. Dursley Mr. Dursley Dudley Dursley
Headmaster Albus Dumblemore    


Krofft Characters    
H.R. Pufnstuf Cling and Clang Sigmund the Sea Monster


James Bond    
James Bond Weapons from Goldeneye  


Amber and Coral Strum and Bouncey  


Grimace Hamburglar Ronald McDonald


M and M Characters    
Blue Green Orange
Red Yellow  


Linus Lucy Peppermint Patty
Snoopy Snoopy 2 Snoopy on His Doghouse


Power Rangers    
Astroblaster Black Power Ranger Blue Power Ranger
Green Power Ranger Pink Power Ranger Red Power Ranger
White Power Ranger Yellow Power Ranger  


Sailor Moon    
Luna Moonlight Night Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury Sailor Moon Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto Sailor Rini and Sailor Chibi Chibi Sailor Saturn
Sailor Uranus Sailor Venus Tuxedo Mask


Hello Kitty Keroppi My Melody


Scooby Doo    
Daphne Freddie The Mystery Machine
Scooby Doo Shaggy Velma


Sesame Street    
Elmo Oscar the Grouch  


The Simpsons    
Bart Homer Maggie


Papa Smurf Smurf Smurfette


South Park    
Cartman Ike Kenny
Kyle Stan  


Star Wars    
Double Light Saber Double Light Saber 2 Jar Jar
Light Saber Naboo Fighter R2D2
Storm Trooper Helmet Yoda  


Superman Superman Symbol  


Teletubbies Teletubbies 2 Tinky Winky


Veggie Tales    
Annie Scallion Archibald Asparagus Bob Tomato
Jerry Gourd Jr. Asparagus Larry the Cucumber
Larry-Boy The Peach Percy Pea


Walking Dead    
Rick Daryl Marchionne


Wizard of Oz    
Dorothy Glenda the Good Witch The Cowardly Lion


Intel Bunny Suit Barbie
for more Barbies, see
Batman Symbol
Bedtime Bubba
Bedtime Bubba (talking toy)
Fin-Fin (a virtual pet)
Happy Feet:
Big Mumble
Little Mumble
Invader Zim
Judy Jetson
Lambchop (from Sherry and Lampchop) Mario Brothers:
Pippi Longstocking:
Pippi Longstocking
Raggedy Ann:
Raggedy Ann & Andy
Star Trek:
Captain Picard
Old-Style Troll
Wally Warhead