Flags, Navy Series, Other Military, & Religious Symbols
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Flags of the World (currently 247 patterns, 237 countries)
Flags of States (currently 26 states)
Bahamas Pride Necklace
Colombia Pride Necklace
Confederate Flag
Costa Rica Pride Necklace
Cuba Price Necklace
Dominican Republic Pride Necklace
Ecuador Pride Necklace
France Pride Necklace
Germany Pride Necklace

Greece Pride Necklace

Italy Pride Necklace

Jamaica Flag

Mexico Pride Necklace

Panama Pride Necklace

Paraguay Pride Necklace

Poland Pride Necklace

Puerto Rico Pride Necklace
Mini U.S. Flag
Large U.S. Flag (with 13 stripes)
Betsy Ross Flag (2 versions)
Stars and Stripes--US Flag

  Navy Series

FA-18 Airplane
Navy Emblem
Salty the Sea Dog
U.S. Navy Keychain
Navy Keychain 2

Other Military

Army Keychain
US Air Force Keychain
US Marine Corps Keychain

Religious Symbols

Angel Moroni
Christian Fish Symbol
Christian Fish Symbol 2
Christian Flag
Cross 2
Cross & Flame (Methodist Symbol)
Cross Necklace
LDS Primary Keychains:
NEW! CTR Heart Keychain
CTR Shield

CTR Keyring
Small CTR Keyring
"I Love Primary" Keyring
Pentecostal Symbol
Pop-Out Cross

Religious Beadies (3 Bibles, Praying Hands)

Star of David

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