My New Obsession

I think it is safe to say that scrapbooking is my longest-lasting obsession. Even though I was first exposed to it years ago, I never thought I would want to do it because of the time involved. Over the course of the year 2000 I was gradually attracted more and more to it, and decided to do an album of our Disney vacations. It has sprouted from there and now I have done so many different albums. I have also become a much better planner and faster scrapper, which has enabled me to do over 160 pages in my albums while also participating in swaps for scrapbooking items and recipe pages. It is a lot of fun.

I am sharing my layouts below. I have categorized them in several different ways. The main ways are by album that they are in (the listings on the top row). If you look through those albums, the rest of the categories will have pages that you've already seen.

A YELLOW band around a page means that the page is new to the site. This hasn't been updated in quite some time, but I'm hoping to update it soon.

Family Album
(this is a mishmash--while it is in chronological order, there are pieces missing here and there because I scrap randomly)
Disney Albums
(an album of our favorite place to vacation!)
New! Our Disney ABC Book
Disney Album Page 1, 1986, 1988, 1991 Trips
Disney Album Page 2, 1994 Trip
Disney Album Page 3, 1997 Trip
Disney Album Page 4, 1999 Trip to Disneyland
Disney Album Page 5, 2000 Trip, Magic Kingdom
Disney Album Page 6, 2000 Trip, Disney-MGM Studios
Disney Album Page 7, 2000 Trip, Epcot Center
Disney Album Page 8, 2000 Trip, Animal Kingdom
Disney Album Page 9, 2000 Trip, Misc.
Disney Album Page Trip, 2001 Trip to Disneyland
Heritage Album
(an album of pictures found in my grandfather's photo albums)
SSLE Pages
(the pages I've done with the Same Supplies Layout Exchange kits that an e-mail list I'm on offers)
Swap Pages
(pages I've done using items from swaps I've participated in)

Below I am sharing some of my favorite tips for scrapbooking.

Beginning Paperpiecing, 
Step-by-Step (Coming Soon)
Faster Scrapping by
Pre-planning Pages (Coming Soon)
Mini Brag Book Instructions  

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