I cannot find in my records where these two pictures came from, but the person who sent them to me obviously did a beautiful job making beadies with seed beads and wire. They look great!

A 7-year-old girl named Jacqueline made these beadies to be necklaces for her favorite stuffed animal, and her mom sent me a picture. Great job, Jacqueline!

cat teddybear

Bear and Cat submitted by Andre Gagnier.

This picture was recently sent to me by Kasey, who is enjoying the site very much.

Critters I've made using patterns from other sites or from books

An assortment of geckos made by my kids!

Witch from Making Friends

Hot Air Balloon from a book

Loonette from Evelyn's site

Snowman from a book

Sunflower from a book

Jack-o-Lantern from a book

Tommy from Making Friends

Star from a book

Gold Star from McCall's Creates Jingle Beadies

Silver Star from MCJB

Lamb from Westrim site

Lion from Westrim site

Peace Sign from Making Friends

Beadie Display from Making Friends

Birthstone Beadie from SMDO Birthstones

Turkey from a book

Bunny from a Darice free sheet

Flower from a book

Goblin from Making Friends

Geisha from ??

Christmas Tree Variation my kids made

Another Christmas Tree variation by my kids

Butterfly from ??

"Crazy Glow-in-the-Dark Guy" by my kids