Keychains & Miscellaneous Beadie Critter Patterns

Patterns on this page: 201

Backstreet Boys Keychain Dad's Keychain Dad's Keychain 2
Flower Keychain Friendship Keychain "I Love Girl Scouts" Keychain
Groovy Keychain "I Love USA" Keychain Indian Keychain
Initial Keychains Initial Keychain 2 Just a Keychain
Keychain Love Keychain LFO Keychain
Mom's Keychain Mountain Dew Keychain Name Keychain
'N Sync Keychain New! Oregon State Civil War Keychains (UofO and OSU) TLC Keychain
Two Keychains Year 2000 Keychain  


Aliens & SciFi    
Alien Alien 2 Alien 3
Alien Head Alien Monkey Aliens and their Pets (4)


Flowers & Plants    
Black-Eyed Susan Columbine Flower--In Memorium Daisy
Daisy Bracelet Flower Flower 2
Flower 3 Flower 4 Flower Bracelet
Flower Bracelet 3 Flower Collection (5) Flower in Pot
Flowers 2 Flowers in Vase Four-Leaf Clover
Orange and Blue Flowers Sunflower Tiny Flower

Airplane Car Discovery 2 Space Shuttle
Hot Air Balloon John Deere Tractor Motorcycle
Motorcycle Helmets (2) Railroad Car NEW! Rocket
Stop Light Stop Sign Train

Hammer Monkey Wrench Screwdriver
Screwdriver & Wrench 2 Wrench  

Boy Scout Cub Scout Wolf and Bear Characters Girl Scout Pins (3)
Girl Scout Contemporary Trefoil United Kingdom Brownie Pin  

8 Ball Adidas Sandal AIDS Awareness Ribbon
Alphabet 2 Anniversary Bells
Ankh Babushka Doll Baby Bottle
Ballet Shoes Baton Beer Bottle
Bead-Yo Beeper 3-D Bell
Bird Feeder Birdhouse Blue Ribbon
Castle Tower Cellular Phone Camp Lantern
Camp Lantern 2 Candle in Holder Candle 2
Champagne Glass Computer Computer 2
Computer 3 Crayon 3-D Cube
Dartboard 3-D Dice Drama Masks
Firecracker 3-D Globe Gumball Machine
Happy and Sad Faces Happy Birthday Candle Key
Kite Old-fashioned Lamps (3) Laptop Computer
Lipstick Nail Polish (2 styles) Necktie
Nerd North Carolina Lighthouses (5) Nothing
Nunchuks (Martial Arts Weapon) Olympic Medal Pacifiers
Paintbrush Paintbrush 2 Pencil
Pencil 2 Pens Pet Charms (cat, fire hydrant, bone)(to hang from collars)
Pet Charm 2--Kid More People and Pet Charms (Black Lab, Doghouse, Paws for Love, Kissy Lips, Lips with Toothy Smile, Rolling Stones Lips, Fresh Smiley) Picture Frame
Platform Shoe Power Necklace Present
3-D Pyramid Rainbow Rainbow 2
Raincloud Red Barn Red Cross Symbol
Red Cross 2 Rubber Stamp Rubik's Cube
Shooting Star 3-D Smiley Face Ball Smiley Face
NEW!Smiley and Frowny Faces Sombrero Star Bright
Sun Sun 2 Tank Top
Tea Cup Teapot Teepee
Teepee 2 Television Totem Pole
Tybee Island Lighthouse Umbrella Watch
Watercolor Set Weapons (sword, knife, bullet, arrow, flamethrower, dynamite, grenade, bomb) Window of Opportunity